God is One Who Brings Order: A Metaphor

It’s a new year. Many use this time to start again with all kinds of resolutions. Made any? Broke any? Here’s one to think about. As you read the Story of God this new year, think about the metaphors in the text that the authors used to convey God’s EPIC Adventure. Learn to set with the metaphors and images and reflect on them. Let them convey the wonders of the God that you serve. There are individual metaphors within stories, and there are stories that are metaphoric as well. Such, a story is the one that opens the Grand Narrative of God: Creation (Genesis 1.1-2.4). Below is one of the many images of God presented to the people of Israel on their journey form Egypt to the promised land.

Happy New Year 2014 from DrWinn

Until one can hear that chaos is good, order cannot happen. It is, after all, out of chaos that God created. Things haven’t changed much, if at all. God does like to bring order, but we must not be tempted to think of order in some enlightened rational manner. Order does not necessarily mean that everything must be neatly fitted in a row, a column, or in a circle. There are hundreds of shapes that are orderly. As an example, there is a game called “Shape to Shape: Creative Pattern Puzzle.” There are fourteen puzzle pieces and sixty different images with over 25,000 ways to arrange the pieces inside the puzzle frame. Humankind needs to have order, but the sand box that God has designed for us is much larger than we want to admit or even play in. Let him bring order, but don’t be surprised if his order in no way fits your conception of order (God’s EPIC Adventure. 18).

How does the God-who-brings-order-out-of-chaos metaphor help you relate to last years chaos?

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