The So-Called Spiritual Gifts

I am still refining my book Gracelets: Being Conduits of the Extravagant Acts of God’s Grace to Others (working title). The premise of it is that our understanding of the ministry of the Spirit with so-called Spiritual Gifts is built on an English definition of the word “gift.” There are three definitions in most dictionaries of which two are important. First, a gift is a “notable capacity, talent, or endowment.” Second, gift is “something voluntarily transferred by one person to another without compensation.” This book rejects the first definition which is employed by the great majority of books that are about so-called Spiritual Gifts and works within the second definition to present a theological insight that the Spirit gives gracelets (like rain drops; to be explained anon) without compensation and they are received by individuals much like a birthday gift.

The primary purpose then is to help the reader begin the process to re-language the concept often called Spiritual Gifts. Our English language is so impregnated with the present view of “gifts” or spiritual gifts,” it is an uphill battle to adopt a new story while using the words/concepts of an old story. When the language is replaced, the concepts can have an opportunity to find life.

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