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Len Sweet has created an acrostic for vibrant Christianity. He call’s it EPIC. I use it in my book title God’s EPIC Adventure. [From Amazon] It stands for:

  • E is for Experiential
  • P is for Participatory
  • I is for Image-Rich
  • C is for Connectivity

The “E” stands for Experiential. Folks love experience. So if you wanna have a grand experience in 2008, here are two things you can do.

First you can sign up and read the Bible without Additives. This concept is a thought well-timed. Originally, Scripture did not have chapters and verses and we have now come full circle with a presentation of the Bible without chapters and verses. Reading the Bible Without Additives in 100 Days uses this presentation of Today’s New International Version to present a reading plant that so you can “experience” the whole story of Scripture in about 100 days, reading about forty-five minutes to an hour a day.

If that is to fast for you there is also a 200 day and a 300 day version. Pick your speed and experience the story of God.

All you need to do is click on the link above and sign up. It’s just that easy. All the information you need to get started is on the page you will be taken to when you click on the link above.

A second thing you might do in addition to the above is to listen to the presentation of the Bible in last year’s award-winning Audio Book: Inspired By . . . The Bible Experience: The Complete Bible: A Dramatic Audio Bible Performed by 400 of Today’s Biggest Stars. Below is a click for you to listen to the Story of Creation.


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