It’s my Birthday!

The day came and will go quickly, just like all other days, a mere 24 hours or 1440 minutes or 86400 seconds. Even though we count each day by hours, minutes, and seconds, it seems that the older one gets the quicker the hours fly by.

On my birthday in 1958 I was junior in high school and my dad was sixty-five years old that year. I though he was pretty old or at least it seemed so to me at the time. I was wrong. Today, I turned sixty-five and it seems really young to me.

It is true that I am in the winter of the life span. Lord only knows how many years I will have left and what effect I will have in God’s EPIC Adventure to partner with him in the recreation of his creation. Today, I am alive and am enjoying the time with two great projects. First, is the creation of Harmon Press (named after my dad) and the second is the creation of Missio Dei Learning Community.

Harmon Press has been in the womb since 2001. It’s been a long time getting born, but that’s not unlike lots of projects in life. The seed thought comes, it settles in, and sometimes it sees the light of day. The simple purpose of Harmon Press is to help authors, who have something important to say, get into print so the world can have the joy of reading their words and thoughts and they can have the joy of seeing their very words produced in a book. It’s true, if you are not visible today, the print world is not really open to you. However, with print on demand technology, it finally becomes affordable for an author to produce her or his own work. Our job at Harmon Press is to help these folks accomplish their dream of being in print. God's EPIC Adventure by Winn GriffinTo kick of the fray, we are producing my very first book God’s EPIC Adventure which intends to help readers of Scripture have a fare shake at seeing the storyline of Scripture so they can become less fragmented in their own reading. It will take a reader on an excursion through Scritpure from Genesis to Revelation using the five-act-play model from Bishop Tom Wright. Its production target is the first of November.

The second project in hand is Missio Dei Learning Community. Missio Dei (the Mission of God) is being created to attract adult learners in our computer based society to access learning within an ongoing community online and live face-to-face encounters. We are not an accredited school but we do hold the status of being a “religious exempt” school in the State of Washington. We will be using a state of the art Course Management System to deliver courses for busy-in-life folks who won’t have to fight the freeway to get to class. The ultimate goal is to help Christ-followers experience the Grand Narrative of God and find their place of ministry in his Story. We are presently targeted to begin this process in the last quarter of 2007.

Both of these projects will have a web presence and will be fully online soon.

While retirement at age sixty-five seems to be a goal, it seems to me as I have reached that age that life is full and enjoyable, and busy at this point with work. Since work is good and not a part of humankind’s rebellion, that’s a subject for another time, let work continue.

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