How Far Is Too Far?

Today, while I was participating with my community of faith, I was captivated for a few minutes by a small young lady about 16-18 months old. Her mom and dad were setting right in front of me. They had let her down during musical worship. First, she wandered about one row toward the front, then she returned and put her hand in a cup that her mom was holding and got some cheerios. She was smiling and dancing around to the music. After her second time back to mom for a refill, she ventured about two rows away, then returned. Next, she ventured three rows away and returned. Then, she ventured into a row with some other folks and danced around, then returned. Next, she discovered there was another whole area behind her she had not yet explored. She refilled and went toward the back. The parents set calmly and watch their daughter enjoying herself with great big smiles of enjoyment on their faces. On one occasion, she got out of the sightline of the parents, her father got nervous and went to rescue her.

As I watched, I thought how wonderful it is to have a relationship with a heavenly parent who allows me to wander off, explore, and dance around a bit all the time enjoying my exploration, and then offers me a bit of refueling when I return, but when I wander too far off course, nervousness sets in, and I sense the rescuing hand of a loving parent scoop me up just before a possible catastrophe occurs.

Wow, isn’t freedom great?

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