God Turns Small Things Into Big Things

I teach a course presently at Bakke Graduate University which help those pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree to begin forming their thoughts about their dissertation. Yesterday, on Saturday evening, I attended the graduation ceremonies at Bakke held in the historic First Presbyterian Church in downtown Seattle. The graduating class this year had five graduates with a Masters of Theological Studies and twenty-three graduates with a Doctor of Ministry. Attending this service reminded me of my own graduation just a little over a year ago from George Fox University with my second Doctor of Ministry degree. My, how time files.

Donna and I missed the first part of the service because of a forty-five minute traffic jam getting into downtown Seattle, and on a Saturday evening at that. The service had one note of sadness. The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Norm Maleng passed away unexpectedly the end of May. Ray Bakke, the present Chancellor and Norm Maleng grew up together in a small rural town in Northwest Washington. Ray and Norm road a bus to an from school for eleven of their twelve years in school. One thing stood out in Ray’s small eulogy. Ray, Norm, and one other boy attended a small church and their Sunday School teacher according to Ray “poured his life into those three children.” One went and served in Africa for twenty-two years, one became the Chief Prosecuting Attorney for King County, Washington for twenty-eight years, and the other spent twenty plus years pastoring and teaching in Chicago before returning to Seattle to become Chancellor of a graduate school which reaches students all around the world.

That Sunday School teacher may have never knows that the small but faithful and persistent thing he was doing would be used by God to reach more people that that one Sunday School teacher could have ever imagined. Small things count, and sometimes God often makes big things out of them.

It was fun to introduce my wife to faculty and those who work in the fabric of Bakke on a day to day basis. Well it’s 1:45 am Sunday morning. Guess I better “hit the hay!”

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