Fear, a Cruel Taskmaster!

I have often suggested to folks that “bad theology is a cruel taskmaster.” I still believe that to be true. Last evening my wife and I went to a parents meeting for the care providers that our daughter, who is differently abled” has for her supportive employment. The business that provides her employment support is going through a business change from one form to another. What I noticed as the evening went on was that the “fear” of some of the parents was there, but they read it as something different. For a moment, I thought I was in a church meeting where the pastor and board were talking about their new vision of direction for the church and the pew sitters were filled with fear because of the security of the present in their mind would surely be replaced with the unknown of the future. The “fear” was a bit overwhelming, at least for one parent, who kept suggesting that she was representative of many in the audience. Yep! fear is a curel taskmaster. What fears do you have?

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