Spiritual Diabetes

I have had open heart surgery and five heart stints/stents. I am also an adult diabetic. Diabetes effects my nerves and their ability to send messages in my body. So my heart pain is never the same because my nerves send and receive messages differently because of the diabetes.

I thought about how that looks in the “body of Christ.” It seems more than not that messages that need to be sent are garbled because of damaged senders and the results it a mess trying to figure out what the communication really is. We may have a kind of “spiritual diabetes” in the church, which has affected our nervous system and causes pain that is unrecognizable.

Now that’s not a thought that I cherish living with “physical and spiritual diabetes.” The medical world tells me that diabetes is only controllable not curable. I choose not to believe such. That doesn’t mean that I stick my head in the sand (sugar sand at that) and “eat my way” into a sugar coma. My faith provides me with hope that God can heal me of that disease in this life. I choose to believe that. That would lead me to also believe that “spiritual diabetes” in the church could also be healed within the body of Christ. I choose to believe that also.

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