Five Causes of Anger

There are at least five causes of anger. Anger is an emotion which God created into every human being. Scripture continually tells us that God was angry. Over three hundred (300) times in the Old Testament we are told that God was angry. Paul tells us to be angry but not to sin. This implies that there is sinful anger and sinless anger. There may be as many causes of anger as there are situations in life. However, causes of anger can be summarized in five categories.

Category #1: Biology. There is evidence that anger can be caused by allergies, brain disease, disorders of body chemistry. One documented case demonstrated that eating bananas set up a brain chemistry that caused temper tantrums in a young boy. When bananas were deleted from the diet, the temper tantrums stopped.

Category #2: Injustice. This may be the only valid reason to be angry. It is also the least mentioned. Jesus’ anger at the injust use of the Temple is a Biblical illustration. There are all kinds of injustices in the modern world which can cause anger to swell up in a believer. Remember, anger is not wrong; how you respond to it will be right or wrong.

Category #3: Frustration. Frustration is defined as an obstacle which hinders us from reaching a goal in life. We may become frustrated because of the actions of others which prevent us from reaching our goal. Or we may become frustrated because of our own failures or inabilities which hinder us from reaching the goal. The extent to which we feel frustrated will depend on the importance of the goal which we have set. The potential for anger increases as the severity and frequency of the frustrations increase.

Category #4: Threat and Hurt. Anger is aroused when you feel that you have been rejected, put down, ignored, humiliated, or unjustly criticized. Anger which is caused by hurt usually ends up in depression, destructive action, or psychosomatic symptoms. Some believe that hurt and anger always go together.

Category #5: Learned. Different cultures get angry over different issues and express their anger in different ways. In short, we learn to act when we are angry according to the models which have been set before us. What we have learned about acting out our anger can be unlearned.

Don’t make friends with anyone who has a bad temper. You might turn out like them and get caught in a trap.(Proverbs 22.24-2 5 The Contemporary English Version).

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