Heart Stints Okay!

Yesterday (December 7, 2006), I underwent a Nuclear Ventriculography Test by my local cardiologist. I describe it here. He told me while my heart had some patches (stints and by-passes) in it strong and pumping well.

I reflected later that we Westerners have such problems with spiritual dichotomies and often see heart as something like a reference to something “inner” in the makeup of the human being. It should come as no surprise that “heart” for the Hebrew was another way of saying “whole person.” So, as I reflected on my cardiologist’s physical conclusions with a spiritual spin I thought, “that’s right my whole person has some patches brought on by life, but overall my personhood is strong.”

I wondered again: what if we lived life more with Genesis 1 and 2 in mind than with Genesis 3 in mind. How would we live differently? We are both redeemed and fallen, and at the same time. We are whole but patched at the same time. What if….?

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J9 December 14, 2006 at 10:58 am

Dear DRDR-
As a concerned friend, one that has grown to love and care for you through my closest friend, YOUR SON! Please 1)Walk 2)Get up from computer and wave arms around, stretch slowly, breathe deeply 3)Refrain from OCB meatloaf on snowy days 4)Know my blessings are towards your health, so I can hear DRDR stories for years to come.

J9 (friend of NSJ)


drwinn December 16, 2006 at 6:55 pm

Thanks J9,

Nice to be loved and cared for.

BTW: When I walk I do breath deeply and rapidly as well, as I gasp for breath. I’ll have to think about the meatloaf. Tried the vegitarian thing one time lasted almost a year. Returned to meat-lovin’ southern boy.


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