9/11: We All Remember!

It was early in the morning when my daughter woke me and told me that the Trade Centers in New York had be demolished by two airplanes. When I arrived at the TV in just a couple of minutes the station was rerunning what had happened, my first thought, the Trade Centers were still standing, who could knock them down. As I watch throughout the devastating day I wondered what must have filled the minds of those who perished in this calamity in the last moments of their lives.

It was just another work day that September 11, 2001 for the many who perished. They left home, family, wife, kids and went to work. They never returned. We don’t have any idea when our last day or hour will be in this world. So we need to live the length and width of life daily, but always keeping others in mind. Remember, kind words, smiles, paying the cafe bill for some unexpected person, giving up time for kids, and a host of other things can be rewarding.

As a minister, I am often asked questions about evil. The only thing that brings me comfort in the midst of all the confusion and chaos of the world is that God is about putting his world to rights. We can’t always see very much progress by just looking at a day’s work, but working with his trajectory will eventually bring about his wishes.

Today, in September 2001 evil occurred! I remember! Don’t we all! Today, in September 2006 on the fifth anniversary of 9/11, the life that I have that is eternal is working with God putting his world to rights! For those that lost so much on 9/11 I am still saddened. For those who have and are catching God trajectory for his creation, I am excited.

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