Questions on Death and Dying, Plus…

Yesterday, Sunday July 30, 2006, I spoke at the community of faith that I participate with in Shoreline, WA. Actually, we had an open time of Q&A in place of a traditional teaching. I will post some of the questions and answers at So take a peek when you have a moment.

I am still wifeless in Seattle, almost three weeks and counting. My wife is visiting her 90 year-old mom in SoCal. She was due home tomorrow evening, but her mom ended up in the hospital last Friday and won’t be released, at this point, until Wednesday evening. It’s difficult to leave your mom in the hospital, so she is staying for a few more days.

I have also started a new blog at There I will keep readers abreast of the my growing blog empire and what is being posted plus other special stuff. If you drop over there now and leave your name and email address, I will send you a free gift. You’ll see where to sign up on the right side of the window.

I also am seeking information for a small project that I am working on. It is at My Heart Stint Story. Just leave me a question about heart stints and I will send you a special report with 10 articles about having a healthy heart.

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