Getting To Know God

Pascal once said that there is a God-shaped vacuum within ever person. There is a longing in everyone to be filled with something. Thus we fill ourselves with God or with a substitute for God. Scripture calls these substitutes idols. We need to focus on removing the idols in our lives and replace them with an understanding of God. Here are three things that will help us understand something about God’s character.

  • God offers us direction. Scripture tells us that God is light (1 John 1.5). Light is often used to find something in the dark—to give you direction. Feel lost? God wants to give you direction in your life.
  • God demonstrates love. The Bible explodes with the idea of a loving God (1 John 4.8). Knowing God in this area is experiencing his love. Remember, he accepted you when others rejected you, he protected you when others attacked you, he demonstrated grace when immediate judgment was warranted. He is love and he expects you to demonstrate love in the manner he demonstrates love.
  • God is with us to assist us in everyday life. Scripture tells us that God is Spirit (John 4.24). He is not some transcendental meditation-type guru. He is not confined to time or space. He is available every day to assist, comfort, love, and provide peace in your life.

Get to know these characteristics of God.

Remember, Aim at nothing and you will succeed, so begin where you are and get to know God.

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