Three Reasons To Avoid Affairs

In our society we have moved from the prudish attitudes of the Victorian Age to the encouragement to have sexual experiences outside of marriage. Does God really care if you have sexual intercourse with someone other than your spouse? Most people think of God as an old ogre who does not want us to have any fun at all in life. We are often told in the church that we think too highly about intercourse. The truth is that we don’t think highly enough of the experience. This act is reserved for marriage because it is so intimate that it can only be developed to its highest potential within marriage.

There are three pragmatic reasons why you should commit yourself to only one person sexually.

  • Reason #1: The Glue Of Trust. Sexual experiences outside of marriage weaken trust. When one discovers that his or her partner views sex as something that can be done with anyone and everyone, trust is shaken to its foundation. Sex involves tremendous vulnerability and intimacy. When one’s vulnerability and intimacy are violated, trust is shattered.
  • Reason #2: Comparison. An extramarital affair brings the intimidation of being compared with another in the most dynamic arena to be found in the world: one’s sexual ability. At best, sexual experiences with our spouse give us a boost in our self-image. Our self-image can be totally destroyed if one spouse decides to have intercourse with other than his or her spouse.
  • Reason #3: Distorts Our Concept Of Sex. When we begin to see sex as love or as a “fun thing to do with another,” instead of an expression of our love toward our spouse, we are in big trouble. Being a sexual being includes being sensuous, but that is only a part of the whole of being a fully sexual being.

God gives the command to contain intercourse to marriage for our good. Fidelity strengthens our deepest relationship with our spouse.

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