How To Change for the Better! Part 1

One thing is constant in life, change! We change daily. The antidote to present change is death. We all think that change is hard. Is it or have we been duped into thinking it is? As an example, our physical body changes on a daily basis. The world we live in changes. Our daily lives change. Are these changes difficult or normal? Our first response might be difficult, but when we consider change, it really is normal.

Paul tells the Roman church in the first century that one of their goals is to become like Jesus (Romans 8.28-3 1). In order for one to become like something else, change must happen. This process of change began when you were impregnated with new life. From that point until death we continually change to become the people that God created us to be.

Making Spiritual Change
It appears that we have placed ourselves in a mind-set that often requires a tragedy to occur before specific change takes place. Sometimes we are allowed by God to do some rather stupid things so we can see the poverty of our life and make a change. Tragedy and stupidity don’t have to be the catalyst that brings change into our lives. We can develop spiritual disciplines that will allow us to change at a normal rate rather than a radical rate. Normal sounds better to me! Here are a few suggestions that may help in the process of normalizing change.

  • Critique Your Present Life
    This sounds scary! Especially in a day where we have been abused with self-analysis. But in order to make any lasting change you need to know where you are now. Here are some recommendations: Check out the ordinary things in your life. What about health? Do you get enough rest? Do you have a proper diet? Do you exercise enough? Ouch, you say. This may not sound very spiritual, but it is. Remember, you are a whole person, and one part at risk makes other parts at risk.
  • Look At Your Commitments
    Take some time and look at your life schedule. Scripture teaches that we should take at least one day a week to rest and recuperate from our busy schedules. To not abide by this admonition only causes burnout. We get frustrated, irritated, and angry. We jump to the conclusion that these feelings are because the Devil or one of his demons is attacking us and we feel victimized. We begin a battle for deliverance so that we do not become angry or frustrated so easily. Recently, I saw a former student who was struggling with anger in the same way as the last time I saw her over ten years ago. She was going through the same unhelpful ministry to try to relieve the difficulty. Her real problem could be that she simply is making the wrong choices about her commitments and the result is her feeling of not enough time which results in her bouts with anger.
  • Establish An Order Of Priorities
    After you have taken a realistic look at your commitments, set some guidelines, then make the changes slowly and gradually. It is true that the more important things in life often get crowded out. The real enemy of the best in your life is the good. In order to set priorities that are meaningful, you may have to say no to some good things in order for the best to take place. We let the circumstances of the moment control us because we do not have a life-plan which guides our steps.

We must constantly be reminded that God is interested in our change. He really does want us to become like his son Jesus.

To be continued…

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