The Order of the Fossarians

There was in the early church the name of a functionary that combined three things…we’ve lost the name, but not the functions.

This person who performed these functions was first of all the grave-digger. He was the one who dug the catacombs and prepared the bodies of the early Christians for burial.

Second, because of his presence at the catacombs, he was also the one who presided at the rituals of these Christians like the Lord’s Supper and baptism. In other words, the grave-digger was also the priest.

But, the grave-digger/priest had a third function. He was also the one who created the art on the catacomb walls…and so the combination of grave-digger/priest/artist was called a “Fossarian.” The Order of the Fossarians, isn’t that a great name?

Where has all the art in the church gone?

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