Kick Your RSS?

That’s the name of an article here.

What is this feed thing everyone is talking about?

You’ve seen all those little Orange Buttons with RSS or XML in them on blogs and other web pages. They are scarecrows which often put newbies off. Don’t make much sense just setting there without an explaination.

So, here’s the scoop!

An RSS feed stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a standardized format that lets you subscribe to a web site using a tool called a news reader or aggregator. Subscribe means allows you to be electronic notified anytime a new item on the web site appears.

Why should I care about feeds? That’s a great question. Did you ask that or did I ask that? 🙂

Here are some reasons you might care about these feeds:

You want to be notified of updates from the web sites that you read without visiting them one by one everyday to see if there is anything new around.
You prefer to read your favorite web sites from one convenient location without any interface or clutter.

In practice, the reasons you should and do care about feeds are:

You want to be notified of updates from the web sites and you are not sure that you trust the web site enough to reveal them your email address.

How do I subscribe to a feed?

It’s super simple. Log into MyMSN, MyYahoo!, Google Reader or Bloglines by clicking on the relevant button in the Left Sidebar.

These four services are the only ones you really want to care about. The benefit of using them is two-fold:

They are web-based which means your favorite feeds will remain available when you change computers

Try news readers one by one if you have time to waste. If not download a reader and install it on your computer.

Here’s one that I use. RSSReader. It’s for PC users.

For you MAC user check out this page.

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