Church Ads Are Sometimes Amusing

Local church ads are often amusing to me. Here are two that were not far from each other trying to reach the same people who probably aren’t paying any attention.

First Baptist Church with pastor… is sponsoring a “Friday Night Live” contemporary praise and worship commencing at 7:30 each first and third Friday night. Its emphasis is “A Holy Ghost Takeover: Taking our city for God, one person, one family, one street and one neighborhood at a time!” Call the church office at 452-???? for more information.

Flames of Fire International Ministries’ “Anointed Preaching, Praise and Worship Services,” meet each Saturday at 6 p.m. at 110 Joslin Ave. Flames of Fire International Ministries’ “School of the Spirit” anointed Bible study classes meet each Tuesday at 7 p.m. at 731 N. Water Ave. Bishop…. is pastor.

So the Baptist church is promoting “A Holy Ghost Takeover” of their city …one street at a time. I wonder what the Bishop will think when the Baptist’s get to his street on Tuesdays where it seems the Holy Spirit has a school.

Here is some information about their town.

  • Population (year 2000): 23,230, Est. population in July 2004: 25,653 (+10.4% change)
  • Males: 11,051 (47.6%), Females: 12,179 (52.4%)
  • Land area: 22.0 square miles
  • Median resident age: 35.5 years
  • Median household income: $34,696 (year 2000)
  • Median house value: $104,200 (year 2000)
  • White Non-Hispanic (77.0%), Black (17.6%), Hispanic (3.4%), Other race (2.0%), Two or more races (1.3%), American Indian (0.8%).

BTW: There were eight churches and one non-church advertising in the newpaper ad from this small community . The latter states in their ad: There is a Saturday night worship service. It is a unique service — it is not in a church there are no pews. Well that clears it up, if you don’t have pews you can still have a worship service and not be a church. What are these people thinking!

Out of the eight churches, four of them are Baptist. Think about that, in a town of 25,653, there are at least four Baptist churches. Three appear to be independent, and one Presbyterian. The pastor’s names are prominent in six of the eight churches. Of course there is no mention of a pastor in the non-church because they are not a church, yeah right!

The competition must be interesting. I wonder what the non churched residents in this community must think. I wonder if the pastors of these churches ever talk to them outside of the occasional wedding or funeral. I wonder if the pastors actually talk to each other.

I just find this amusing, and sad.

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