Smoking Marijuana

Is smoking marijuana condoned in the Bible? I feel it is wrong, but I have a friend who smokes it, and says that God put it here, and if it were wrong, she would be led by the Holy Spirit to stop. She is truly seeking the Lord, and I feel this may hamper her quest. What is your input in this? I feel when I asked Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour, he came to live in me, and I sure wouldn’t want to be getting him high. Since I also used to smoke this stuff, before accepting the Lord, I feel I have to tread carefully, for I do not want to come across as holier than thou. Do you have any input on this subject that may help me, to either stop worrying about it, or to help her, if it is wrong. I feel the Holy Spirit is working on her, that she has such a need to defend her actions.

It is interesting how we reason when we argue. This is a purely Western civilization act. We mix Western and Eastern ways of thought. “Being led by the Spirit” is purely subjective. “God put it here” is purely objective reasoning. So what if God put it here. What makes anyone believe that if God put it here, it is automatically for consumption by humankind?

One cannot win such an argument where the Bible is totally silent. One might ask if the person thought that Jesus would he have smoked marijuana during his life of if it had been offered to him at one of the parties that he attended. Of course, this in the final end only leads to more argumentation.

I would settle for asking God to give your friend a true Godly Power Encounter that would settle the issue for him or her.

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