Sin Management

The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In GodMy question is: If I commit a sin consciously, knowing full well that I am going to commit that sin, and also know that I am committing that sin as means of obtaining some sort of reward, is there still forgiveness for me or am I forever damned?

This is a question of sin management. I think Dallas Willard provides the best answer that I have seen to this question in his book Divine Conspiracy (chapter 3). He speaks about having a Bar Code Faith. When we get “saved” we get a bar code. It doesn’t matter what is inside the package as long as the bar code is scanned. We say a prayer and give mental ascent to a set of doctrines and get our bar code so that when we die we can go to heaven. We have turned Christianity into a religion of death instead of life. We’ve made Christianity all about sin. Jesus never preached about sin. He preached about living under the rule of God. This does not mean that the question of sin is not important. It is. But our attitude about sin should become more aligned with Scripture and not some popular version of the Gospel of Sin Management. Take a look at Divine Conspiracy and see if it is helpful.

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