Sin Management

When it comes to confessing sin, how many times should one say sorry to God as part of their confession? I say sorry lots of time, as I feel guilty. Can you advise?

The Divine Conspiracy : Rediscovering Our Hidden Life In GodDallas Willard in his book Divine Conspiracy has a great chapter on the “Gospel of Sin Management.”

Our focus may be misplaced on the continual confession of sin. In management there is a saying, “Your system is perfectly designed to get your present result.” If one’s system is to focus on sin, the result will be sin and the confession of it. To be a Christian means to be related to Jesus. It does not mean that you have given a mental ascent to a group of doctrines and received a salvatic barcode that gets you to heaven. However, the gospel is the good news of the presence and availability of life in the Kingdom, now and forever.

It seems that one’s focus should be on a deepening relationship with God rather than on how to manage one’s sins by a continual pattern of sin and confession of sin.

I would encourage you to pick up Willard’s book and read Chapter 3 on the “Gospel of Sin Management.”

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