Sex: Open Marriage

Since marriage only allows two people to get married. I would like to know of the Bible’s opinion of open marriages and engaging in homosexuality while in a marriage?

The ancient world had “open marriages.” The male was married, had concubines, and visited prostitutes. The New Testament offers a different way of viewing marriage, one woman or man at a time. It seems clear that Scripture does not allow for any same sex relationships in or out of marriage. Read First Corinthians and Romans (especially the first couple of chapters) for Paul’s thoughts on the subject of same sex sexual relationships.

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Lee Jordan January 8, 2006 at 6:15 pm

Please remember this about the Old Testament “open marriages”. The Bible in some instances reports what went on (warts and all) but is not suggesting that it was right in God’s eyes nor that we should adopt such practices since “they are in the Bible”. Regarding “Paul’s thoughts” in the New Testament, remember that Paul was writing under Divine inspiration, i.e., Paul’s “thoughts” were God’s thoughts


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