Too Much Lettuce

During the year a lot of folks stopped by WinnNotes looking for information about heart stints. I can understand that, but the following referents leave me somewhat baffled.

  • son baths with dad pictures (I don’t think they found what they were looking for!)
  • jesse james
  • frank james (I wonder if it was the same person looking for Jesse)
  • trips to hot springs ar.
  • henry isaac venema
  • catholic wedding colossians 3.12-17
  • how to develop patience sermon evangelical free church james
  • intuitive eating
  • intuitive eating scale
  • earthlink-peoplepc-wssynd
  • too much lettuce (Can this be?)
  • abmany
  • a holy ghost takeover (One of my favorites)
  • mormon funny
  • ruth in the bible generic wife (What is a generic wife?)
  • 60.0 . 0….
  • list of wedding songs approved for elca church
  • d-www-en-us_i-e9745h7idjak5d5d_s-26 (Go figure!)
  • toilet clogged Eugene 😉
  • kathleen kenyons mother
  • fatal attraction biblical

Here’s one, the same number of people found using the phrase “come into my heart lord jesus” as did “heart cauterization.”

I’m just happy these folks found me this year. I figure if these words were important during 2005, they may be important during 2006, so, I set this page up optimized for the search engines. I hope they come back again along with you during 2006.

Happy New Year, and you can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus.

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