No Room for Them in the Inn

Once while attending a Christmas Eve service and hearing the phrase “no room for them in the inn,” I reflected on what I had heard considering that phrase over the years. Mostly, that from the beginning Jesus was rejected, i.e., even at his birth, there was no room for him just like there is often no room for him in people’s lives today.

What if, “no room for Them in the inn” was a signal of God’s grace. I think that often when one reads this phrase or a similar one in the text of Scripture, they often think of a modern inn, add Holiday, or Hampton, or another hotel chain’s name in front of the word “inn.” The first-century “inn” was certainly not like the twenty-first-century “inn.” Picture this. One room with a dozen or so folks all sleeping together on the floor.

Could it be that in the telling of the story of the birth of Jesus that “no room…in the inn,” sent Joseph and Mary to a part of the “inn” where there was some privacy for the greatest event since the Creator God had created his universe.

I wonder…

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