Happy Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving Day approaches (for those in the states) I thought I would share some of the things that I am thankful for. Here goes. I am grateful that I have a personal friend named Jesus who tracks with me as I try to live in his story. I am thankful for my wife Donna, who is truly a helpmate, my son Jason who has a great sense of humor, my daughter Jeramie Joy who loves the Lakers. Some other things that I am thankful for, listed in random order are: a house to have a home in, a car to drive, a computer that works, food to eat, clothes and shoes to wear, breathing, painless moments, a working heart, a bionic one at that, full of heart stints, friends to share life with, books to read, being warm, a great community of faith in which to participate, smiles, you who read my thoughts from time to time, memories that give me stories to tell, and finishing my second doctoral dissertation. Well that’s a start. I trust that you may have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

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