The Prosperity Gospel (1)

When you speak with people who preach a prosperity message and they say because of being adopted into the family of Abraham we have the right to all the riches of Abraham. They say if we give, God will give back in return. But I do not believe we should give to receive. What do you think?

The prosperity message is an American cultish theology. God did not intend everyone to live in big homes and drive big cars in America or in any other part of the world or at any other time. Yes, God did prosper those whom God prospers. It is really his choice. Not a choice of a human who goes through some kind of step program to pull God’s chains and become wealthy.

One wonders why the author who wrote a large percentage of the New Testament books (Paul) had to work while he ministered.

You might think about the following: you give in order to receive in order to give in order to receive in order to give in order to receive in order to give. To be continued…

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michael morgan January 7, 2006 at 2:44 am

I think it is so interesting that people have a problem with prosperity. If an actor or an NBA star rides down the road in a big fancy car or lives in a ritzy neighborhood because that is expected. However if a person who either preaches the gospel or professes that jesus is their lord and savior has riches then it is all of a siudden wrong. Here is something to think about ; prosperity is more than just money. It is a part of salvation comes from the Greek word SOTERIA which means safety, help, health, deliverance, and total life prosperity. As far as giving to get something; well the bible says ” Give and it shall be given unto you good measure pressed down shaken together shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete withal it is measured to you again (Luke 6:38).You see we play right into Satan’s hands when we don’t recieve all of the gifts that Jesus left for us, After all Jesus was made poor so that we might have abundance. Jesus said that I wish above all things that you prosper an be in good health even asyour soul prospers. Do not blame prosperous christians for accepting and getting involved with God’s way of doing things, which is through sowing and reaping.


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