The Book of Mormon Reads Funny To Me!

Over the next few days I will post my answer to the question below.

I have been searching for answers about the book of Mormon. What is your view on the subject? “It reads funny” to me.

Below is a piece I wrote several years ago which may be of some help.

It was clear, cool, and calm outside the office, but inside the heat was rising. Darrin and Angie were in fevered combat! Darrin was a new believer who had just taken a course in his church about Cults. Angie was a Mormon. What was all the furor about? Angie had claimed to be a true Christian, leaving no room for Darrin’s new found belief in Jesus.

“I can’t believe that you can just stand there and tell me I am not a Christian,” snorted Darrin with a grim look on his face. The temperature was rising and others in the office were being drawn into the conflict.

“I am not telling you that you are not a Christian, Darrin,” responds Angie, as she proceeds to explain why only her church is the recipient of true Christianity.

“What I am telling you is that Christianity had become non-existent in the early nineteenth century. Into that vacuum God sent Joseph Smith as a true prophet for the restoration of true Christianity. The bottom line here is that you can only achieve true belief in God if you follow the path which was revealed to Joseph. All other paths are false.”

“Hold on for a minute,” Darrin said as he looked for a response…
To be continued…

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