It’s My Birthday

Today is my 63rd Birthday! Two years ago today I was on the eve of a new part of my journey. I began the DMin program at George Fox Evangelical Seminary. It has been an exciting ride. I’ve met some interesting folks. Our cohort was a cross-section of religious bodies in America. We had one Mennonite Brethren, one Nazarene, 3 Lutherans, one Southern Baptist, one Assemblies of God, one Episcopalian, one Free Methodist, one United Methodist, one Home Church, one United Brethren, and 5 Vineyard.

We had lively conversation of a variety of subjects, one can imagine such when you put that many different folks from different life experiences and different theological backgrounds into one conversation for two years. What a blast!

Len Sweet was the mentor for our program and he kept us playing “outside of the box” thinking with many metaphors, and urging us to have an “image statement.”

I am in the dissertation writing phrase of the program with the goal of graduating April 2006. The George Fox program has two tracks, one is an traditional dissertation the other is an implementation of a project in one of the four media forms that incarnates a practical, real-world solution to a stated ministry problem together with a written statement. I chose the latter and have finished several drafts of the “written statement” and am now working on my project which is a “seminar study guide” which will provide an overview of the Story of Scripture set in N. T. Wright’s Five Act Play metaphor. It’s brief outline is: Prologue, Act 1: Creation, Act 2: Rebellion, Act 3: Israel, Act 4: Jesus, Act 5: The rest of the Story, and an Epilogue. This Study Guide will be used in a 10-hour-jam-packed tour through the Biblical Story with a view of learning to live “in” the Story of Scripture.

The only plan for the day is a dinner with my family to celebrate God’s grace for me. Sixty-two years have come and gone, they are over, I can’t change what I did during those years, of course as with most of us, I would change some things, but then if I did I would be a different person than I am now. What an interesting thought. What is ahead I believe will be exciting. My personal hope is that God would allow me to interact with the “pew huggers” of the world and get them truly excited about “living in the Story of Scripture,” with a view to minister to their world locally and globally.

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