Genesis 1

Who were the people that God created in Genesis chapter 1? Did Cain marry one of these women? (Where did Cain’s wife come from?). It’s quite interesting to re-read the Bible and discover new revelations of scriptures that we know so well.

Who did God create in Chapter 1 of Genesis?
In Genesis 1:26-27 the creation of humankind, male and female, is recorded without any details. The creation of man and woman and their first home is described separately. Genesis 2:4 begins “This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created.” This phrase occurs nine other times in Genesis (Gen. 5:1; Gen. 6:9; Gen. 10:1; Gen. 11:10, Gen. 11:27; Gen. 25:12, Gen. 25:19; Gen. 36:1; Gen. 37:2). Each time the phrase is used, it narrows the focus of the narrative and turns its attention to the result of something previously mentioned. In this case, it moves from the creation of the whole universe to the creation of humankind.

Cain’s Wife: The age-old question.
In the opinion of Cain, his judgment was too harsh for killing his brother (Gen. 4:13). He saw his judgment as having four consequences. First, he would not be around to work the soil. Second, he would not have fellowship with God. Third, he would be a restless wanderer. Finally, he would be a target to be killed. Such irony: he, who killed, worries about being killed. The statement by Cain suggests that there are others who inhibit the earth besides Adam, Eve, and Cain. This existence of others is also indicated by the mention of Cain’s wife (Gen. 4:17). Who are these people and where did they come from? Scripture is silent! We may suggest that with the data present that Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Seth (to be mentioned later) are the only children specifically mentioned by the storyteller at this point. Others are mentioned at Genesis 5.4. Remember that all the stories are selected to tell what the storyteller wants to present, not to answer all the questions that we Westerners have. Other children of Adam and Eve are certainly a possibility. In this case Cain’s wife would be his sister and the ones who might want to kill him would be other brothers. If that was the case, irony again raises its head. The one who turned on his own brother must watch out for other family members who might seek revenge.

Discovering New Revelations of Scripture
I hear this idea voiced often and usually without the addition of thorough study. I do not doubt that God gives us fresh insights as we read his word, which is meant to apply to our lives. However, it is dangerous to read his text and be completely subjective about what it means and then claim that meaning as something coming from God. He surely gets blamed for a lot of dumb stuff in his name that he has nothing to do with. Read scripture and let it read you, but be careful about “new revelations” that are not supported by the context.

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