Signs with Mel Gibson

I finally watched Signs last night on DVD. I know, I’m a little late but I don’t always get to all the movies when they are on the big screen.

The story of a man of faith who has lost his faith because of the unexplained and unexpected death of his wife is the backdrop of the story, as I understood it. Even though he had given up on his faith, other around him still saw him in his old role and never let him forget it (from the sheriff to the confessor in the drug store, and most of all his younger brother).

The scene that some would have problems with is in the basement where the main character played by Mel Gibson tells God, after saying that he was not going to pray any more, that he hates him. This scene is understandable form a perspective of understanding that a part of the ancient people of God’s worship was to complain to God.

Not so in the Western/American church where complaining is seen as a lack of faith. I often tell people “bad theology is a cruel taskmaster.”

We are so anemic in our singing worship. We sing songs that are almost lullabies and often centered on what we want from God instead of what we really feel about God. Anger against God is not evil; it is healthy and demonstrates that in fact we take him seriously in our day-to-day life. If you’ve got a complaint, I’m sure that God would love to hear it.

Signs articulated a story of God’s redemption through every day situations (even if the every day situations of the characters was an invasion from outer space).

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