Why Wait to Celebrate Life

I just returned Monday (Feb. 3) from SoCal where I visited with my “in-laws,” attended LeAnn’s memorial, and visited with a truly missional church.

Visiting with my in-laws is always interesting. My father-in-law is ninety-years old and still moving around quiet well. My mother-in-law is eighty-seven. She still gets around really well, although she tends to fall from time to time.

Attending LeAnn’s memorial service in Anaheim, CA was a bit taxing. Todd lead the service (in the Anaheim Vineyard church facility) and grave side service. LeAnn’s husband Craig and daughter put together a slide presentation of LeAnn’s life. It was moving. As I set and watched, I wondered why we wait till someone is gone to celebrate his or her life. We do such strange things. She would have gotten a kick out of seeing herself splashed up on a big screen for babyhood to adulthood. I also wondered how it must have felt to her to leave a body killed by cancer and move into a “new” body. I thought of her husband and daughter, left without a mother (she was only 45 years old), left to grieve the loss of wife and mother. One song in the fleeting moments of the memorial said: “This is the air I breathe.” I remembered with gratitude that the breathe that God gives is only for a time and how thankful I was to be breathing. I wondered why it took the death of a friend to settle me down for a moment from daily life to reflect. Tears, loneliness, anger, happiness, compassion are just some of the emotions that I felt in those moments of celebrating the life (and death) of a friend. I will miss LeAnn. We had some interesting conversations about “church.” Alas, she now has insights that we are left to discover.

Truckers are interesting people. About twelve years ago, a friend of mine, and his wife (Ron and Gladys) begin ministering in the midst of a truck stop in SoCal (at the intersection of I-10 and I-15). Today they have a small chapel and they work among truckers five days a week twenty-four hours a day. They live in a small room in the chapel and are on-call all the time to help truckers in need. The talk with them, pray with them, and feed them. God and some of his friends support them. They have a church deep in the midst of the world. They were missional before it became a vogue term. Why not stop while you are reading this an offer a prayer for this ministry to truckers.

Well it’s after 11 PM. This old man, as someone referred to me, needs to get his nightly dose of sleep. So much to do, so little time to sleep.

Blog again soon!

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