Time is precious!

Year 2003, Month 1 almost done. Time marches on. We don’t think about how quickly it passes. A friend of mine died last month and another this month and my sister is dying of cancer. Death all around has caused me again to stop and reflect on time and how precious little of it we have to be about the call that God has placed in each of our lives. It reminds me of the days right after my open-heart surgery 4 years ago. Time is precious, a look at the trees (which we have lots of here in the Seattle area), the smell of fresh air, the face of my wife, the faces of my kids (older but still my kids), reading a book for pleasure, eating banana sandwiches (these days with Splenda), watching a movie with my son, etc. Time is precious. Tim and Leann have met the baby of Bethlehem in all his splendor and glory.

Here is a prayer that I have abducted from N.T. Wright and edited. It is as easy as breathing in (first line) and breathing out (second line). Actually prayer should be as effortless as breathing. This prayer reminds me of that point. It is constructed to be prayed together as a community or as an individual.

Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth
Set up your Kingdom in our midst (my life).

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of he Living God
Have mercy. Save me from the idols of our/my making.

Holy Spirit, Breath of the Living God
Renew us/me and through us/me renew your world.

I was warmed by the allelon gathering in Eagle, ID. It is good and right to discover others on a similar journey who are not separated by age, creed, race, etc., but find a certain wholeness in diversity. Uniformity sucks! Big Time!! Unity and diversity is the underpinnings of life together. May it be so and may God bless our lives together as we learn to allelon each other for the sake of his world.

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