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God’s EPIC Adventure

God’s EPIC Adventure uses a six-act-play model as a way of presenting Scripture as a full-length Story in order to assist the reader toward a better reading experience of Scripture’s text. The author presents the gluing themes of Covenant in the Old Testament and Kingdom of God in the New Testament as two ways of saying the same thing, namely that God has invaded this present evil age with his rule. The intended results of reading the Bible with its storyline is to learn the art of living into the Story that Scripture presents. Readers will find ways to use this book that they have never thought of before!


As Jesus followers, we are the conduits for his gracelets. We are carriers of the gracelets. We don’t own them, thus we cannot use them at our discretion. The gracelets are owned and operated by the Trinity. In any life circumstance, the Trinity might flow a drop or two of grace through us on its way to someone else. When that gracelet reaches its destination, our part is complete. The giver of the gracelets decides how to make what we have delivered flourish in the recipient. This book interacts with these ideas.

googling God’s Will

googling God’s Will: Why Keep Searching for It When It’s Not Lost? Tired of googling God’s Will in all the wrong places? It’s a habit that consumes valuable time and often produces tragedy and frustration instead of fulfillment. Can you really find something, in this case, the will of God, which is not lost?

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The Day the Revolution Began | N. T. Wright Play in new window | Download (Duration: 50:08 — 47.0MB) | EmbedTweet The Day the Revolution Began is a new book by N.T. (Tom) Wright about the cross of Jesus. The following is an interview by Larry Norsworthy about this new book. The actual interview begins at the 3:40-minute mark. At the conclusion of […]

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God’s EPIC Adventure

Tweet Knowing the whole story of God allows you to improvise in your part of the story. Click on the book graphic below and read a few pages and see what you think. If you want to read full screen, click on the “Full Screen” in the bottom right corner after you click on the […]

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Giving Thanks

Tweet November is a month that holds at least three important dates in my life. I am sure there are others, you may even have some of your own. The first is November 17. That’s the day that my dad passed away at the ripe young age of 77, I am just five years shy […]

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