I am working on consolidating all my biblical studies on one site called Training Jesus Followers.

The site will primarily be comprised of 13 week Bible studies written over the last few years. I began with Decoding the Apocalypse: What the Left Behind Folks Never Told You to coincide with the release of the #LeftBehindMovie that was released the first weekend of October 2014.

In addition to the new website, there is a Facebook Page that you can “Like” and keep up with all the latest news about the new Bible studies as they become available.

You can also download a FREE eBook entitled Living Under God’s Ruler in Your Life. You can sign up to receive you FREE copy here.

Go ahead and look around and get involved. I think you will enjoy the studies.

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by drwinn on October 14, 2014

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God as Mother

Tweet The following podcast was recorded on a Thursday evening in 1987 at what was then the Vineyard Denver. So, this is RetroWinn. If you choose to listen, I trust that you sense the importance of this concept. Enjoy! Send to Kindle

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The So-Called Spiritual Gifts

Tweet I am still researching and writing a book on the “so-called” spiritual gifts. My present working title is: Gracelets: Being Conduits of the Extravagant Acts of God’s Grace to Others. Below is part of my growing position that will be reflected in my book: The so-called spiritual gifts are for the most part thought [...]

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Book Review: Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes

Tweet Book Review for Immediate Release Review by Jim Miller I thought I understood the Christmas story: the Virgin Mary was pregnant with Jesus; a Roman tax law required Joseph and his espoused wife to travel from Nazareth in Galilee to Bethlehem in Judea, eighty miles to the south; they arrived late and at night [...]

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You Can’t Move Forward When Your Eyes Are Fixed On The Rear View Mirror

Tweet You have seen those road signs which point in all directions. Just pick a route and get going. I wonder what would happen if all the sign posts at any given intersection just pointed back to where you have already been. Would you naturally choose to go there? It’s crazy to be driving forward [...]

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God is One Who Brings Order: A Metaphor

Tweet It’s a new year. Many use this time to start again with all kinds of resolutions. Made any? Broke any? Here’s one to think about. As you read the Story of God this new year, think about the metaphors in the text that the authors used to convey God’s EPIC Adventure. Learn to set [...]

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Reciting | Recommitting | ReCovenanting | Remembering (Joshua 24)

Tweet Looking back is fair. Thinking about what has happened in the previous year, both positive and negative is acceptable, but might be incomplete. Scripture offers a pattern in the story of Joshua that might be helpful to think through and experience. It seems to be a pattern established among the Hebrews (seen also in [...]

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The So-Called Spiritual Gifts

Tweet I am still refining my book Gracelets: Being Conduits of the Extravagant Acts of God’s Grace to Others (working title). The premise of it is that our understanding of the ministry of the Spirit with so-called Spiritual Gifts is built on an English definition of the word “gift.” There are three definitions in most [...]

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Creation is Good

Tweet At the beginning of the biblical story when God created the world, he called it good. He has never changed his mind. When humankind fell into chaos, he judged and moved froward in his original plan, not thwarted by the rebellion of humankind, but with a resolve to fix what had been broken. It [...]

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We must train ourselves to use words accurately

Tweet We must train ourselves to use words accurately. We have developed a loose way of using theological language to be more practical. As followers, we use language in our everyday language as we speak about God. As an example, In some churches given to experiencing the Spirit as a high value, we talk frequently [...]

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The Story of God and the Equality of the Sexes

Tweet God is the master storyteller. He has delivered a time honored story first in an oral presentation, then later in a written presentation. He is responsible for all the ingredients of what goes on in his story. What are those ingredients, you may ask? Good question! A story could simply be defined as a [...]

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